Lackbestand – Schaberlack


Hallo du,
hier kannst du dir  eine Liste meines aktuellen Lackbestands anschauen. Lacke die ich bereits getragen und fotografiert habe, werde ich dir in der Liste verlinken, so dass du dir den jeweiligen Beitrag dazu anschauen kannst.

Artdeco [0/1]
Brilliant Whitener

Astor [3/9]
Crystal Blue
Game Of Graphics
Glass Of Wine
In A Mountain Chalet
Lady In Black
Pearly Diadem
Play The Graffiti
Royal Mirror
Sweet Home

BeYu [3/6]
990 Holo Top Coat (Holographic LE)
997 Holo Violett (Holographic LE)

Black Bird [0/1]
Midnight Moments

Catrice [5/22]
Aprikot Skin-Fit (CC-Nails)
Berry Potter & Plumbledore
Blue And A Half Men
C(h)ome, Leon! (Luxury Laquers LE)
Chromit & Miss Pinky (Luxury Laquers LE)
Crocodile Cracker (Glamazona LE)
Forevergreen (Arts Collection LE)
From Dusk To Dawn
Genius In The Bottle
Heay Metalliac
Holo In One (Luxury Laquers LE)
Holo Manolo (Luxury Laquers LE)
Hugo Moss
Karl Says Très Chic
London´s Weather Forecast
Mermaide My Day
Miami pINK
Mint Me Up
Out Of The Dark
Peacocktail (Feathered Fall LE)
Steel My Heart
The Dark Knight

China Glaze [5/26]
Below Deck
Concrete Catwalk
Cowgirl Up
Deviantly Daring
First Class Ticket
Flying Dragon
For Audrey
Harvest Moon
Hey Doll
Hey Sailor
Kiwi Cool-Ada
Luxe and Lush
Pink Voltage
Pelican Gray
Ruby Pumps
Stone Cold
Strawberry Fields
Turned Up Turquoise
Water You Waiting For
White on White
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Claire´s [1/5]
? Signalrot
11818 Dizzy
61273 Dollar

Dance Legend [0/3]
Candy Flakes 609 Lollypop
Candy Flakes 612 Tinsel
Candy Flakes 613 Sun Still Sleeps

Diverse [0/5]
Love & Beauty Forever 21 Multi Red
Miss Porty Oh My Gem! 4054
Primak neon gelb
Primak neon orange
Primak neon pink
Primak neon grün

Essence [3/23]
Break Through
Cool Breeze (Special Effect Topper)
Fame Fatal
Fantastic Girl (Superheros LE)
Go Bold!
Happy New Green (The Darks)
Icy Princess
Indigo To Go (The Darks)
Let´s Get Lost
Magic Red Carpet
Miss Universe
Mrs And Mr Glitter (Special Effect Topper)
Never Stop Dreaming (Twinkeling Bling Bling)
Peel Off Base Coat
Power Girl (Superheros LE)
Sparkling Water Lily
Super, Man! (Superheros LE)
Sweet as Candy
That´s What I Mint!
The Awesome (Superheros LE)
The Wedge (Show Your Feet)
Wonder Wow!Man! (Superheros LE)

Essie [12/42]
Apres-Chic (Virgin Snow LE)
Avenue Maintain
Bahama Mama
Cute As A Button
Cocktail Bling
Dive Bar
Fall in Line (Dress to Kilt LE)
Find Me An Oasis (Resort Collection LE)
Fishnet Stockings
Full Steamahead (Naughty Nautical Collection LE)
Go Ginza
Go Overboard
Haute In The Heat (Haut In The Heat LE)
Jamaica Me Crazy
Leggie Legend (Leggie Legend LE)
Lights ( Summer Poppy-razzi LE)Master Plan
Maximillian Strasse Her
Merino Cool
Mint Candy Apple
Naughtynautical (Naughty Nautical Collection LE)
No More Film
Penny Talk (Mirror Metallics LE)
Roarrrange (Haut In The Heat LE)
Ruffles And Feathers
Sexy Divide
Shall We Charlet ? (Virgin Snow LE)
Skirting The Issue
Smokin Hot
Sole Mate
Sparkle On Top
Toggle To The Top
Thigh High
Turquoise & Caios
Virgin Snow (Virgin Snow LE)
We´re In It Together

Flormar [1/1]

Frankenpolish [1/1]
Ehem.Catrice Top Coat -> Mermaids Superhero
Frankenpolish Essence Absolute Pure + Gold Glitzer

Eubecos [2/4]
01-Flip Flop Effekt Green
02-Flip Flop Effekt Bronze
03-Flip Flop Effekt Cyan
04-Flip Flop Effekt Blue

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels [1/5]

just cosmetics [1/1]
250 be gentle

KIKO [14/57]
224 Dark Pearly Copper
225 Bordeaux Red
239 Vermilion Red
242 Pearly Ametgyst
245 Pearly Dark Ruby
260 Metallic Pink Microglitter
265 China Blue
267 Sky Blue
268 Lime Green
278 Violet Orchid Microglitter
279 Yellow
292 Light Grape
300 Pearly Malachite Green
310 Golden Orange
315 Dark Mauve
316 Red ciolet
321 Dove
322 Caffe Latte
337 Perwinkle Violet
339 Cornflower
341 Cobalt Green
348 Camouflage Green
364 Dark Crimson
366 Rose Terracotta
367 Pearly Salamon
382 Pearly Gunmetal
384 Gentian Blue
389 Mint Milk
392 Jungle Green
493 Vino Perlato
502 Pearly Mexican Pink
511 Metalic Mercury Purple
514 Peraly Golden Coffee
529 Metalic Beetle
530 Pearly Blue Peacock
531 Pearly Green Butterfly
532 Pearly Amazon Green
533 Pearly Golden Green
617 Taupe (Mirror LE)
618 Orchid Pink (Mirror LE)
619 Red Peony (Mirror LE)
622 Wisteria (Mirror LE)
623 Blue (Mirror LE)
624 Sky Blue (Mirror LE)
626 Lawn Green (Mirror LE)
627 Lime Green (Mirror LE)
660 Dahlia Purple (Fancy Top Coat LE)
661 Magenta (Fancy Top Coat LE)
664 Sapphire (Fancy Top Coat LE)
700 Misty Mauve (Magnetic LE)
701 Wood (Magnetic LE)
702 Copper Red (Magnetic LE)
703 Wine Red (Magnetic LE)
704 Purple (Magnetic LE)
705 Emerald Turquoise (Magnetic LE)
706 Deep Green (Magnetic LE)
707 Charcoal (Magnetic LE)

Konad (Stamping Lacke) [0/4]

L´oréal [0/1]

Manhattan [1/10]
680 Your Favorite
760 Moscow Nights
770 Sparkle Up
Ma Marals
Pro Mat Top Coat
Subherb Sparkle (Manhattan & Playboy LE)

Maybelline [9/31]
Berry Stain
Blackout*PR Sample
Broadway Lights*PR Sample
Buisness Blouse (Suit Style LE) *PR Sample
CC Nails Base Coat (Dr.Rescue) *PR Sample
Chic Chartreuse (Bleached Neons LE)
Coole Blue.
Coral Heat (Bleached Neons LE)
Crushed Cayenne (Sweet and Spicy LE) *PR Sample
Gel Effect Top Coat (Dr.Rescue) *PR Sample
Golden Sand (Celebrate LE)
Hot Pepper (Sweet and Spicy LE) *PR Sample
Light It Up (BE brilliant! LE)*PR Sample
Lilac Rebel (Bleached Neons LE)
Mint For Life
NY Lover*PR Sample
New York Spotlight (Celebrate LE)
Purple Dazzle (BE brilliant! LE)*PR Sample
Red Reaction (Suit Style LE) *PR Sample
Sea Sunset
Skyline Blue (BE brilliant! LE)*PR Sample
Spark The Night (BE brilliant! LE)*PR Sample
Suit and Sensibility (Suit Style LE) *PR Sample
Sun Flare (Bleached Neons LE)
Style Network (Suit Style LE) *PR Sample
Tangerine Tango (Sweet and Spicy LE) *PR Sample
Tropink (Bleached Neons LE)
Vanilla Venom (Sweet and Spicy LE) *PR Sample
Violet Temptaion
Wine Shimmer

Mundo de Unas (Lacke zum Stampen, alles Minis) [0/9]
3 Blue Navy
4 Blue
8 Green
11 Yellow
15 Mexican Pink
34 Dark Gray
44 Old Pink
53 Geranium
62 Pinon

NYX [0/3]
Enchanted Forest

Oh My Gosh [1/1]
Cobalt Blue

O.P.I [4/4]
I´m Never Amberrassed (Sheer Tints Mini)
Be Magentale with Me (Sheer Tints Mini)
Don´t Violet Me Down (Sheer Tints Mini)
I Can Teal You Like Me (Sheer Tints Mini)

P2 [9/43]
Be Cool!
Brown Splendor (Gold & Crown LE)
California Girl
Chilly Breeze (Catch the Glow LE)
Cream Maker
Creamy Tea (Satin Supreme)
Exciting Midnight (Night Life LE)
Fabulous Evening (Night Life LE)
Fantastic Night (Night Life LE)
Feel Tropical!
Go Crazy!
Go Dangerous!
I don´t care! (Winter who cares?!LE)
Just Fantastic!
Kingly Gift (Satin Supreme)
Let´s Dance!
Lofty Style (Satin Supreme)
Lost In Paradise
Midnight Vamp
Miss Velvet
Never mind! (Winter who cares?!LE)
Never 2 Much
No matter! (Winter who cares?!LE)
Play up! (Winter who cares?!LE)
Purple Charism (Gold & Crown LE)
Queenly Rose (Satin Supreme)
Royal Residence (Satin Supreme)
Royal Wedding (Satin Supreme)
Simply Matte (I love red LE)
So Cool
So Gold (Shake Up Top Coat)
Stay Polite! (Satin Supreme)
Summer To Go!
Sweet Darling
Sweet Elegance (Satin Supreme)
Up In The Air
Wet Watermelon
Wild Miss

Rival de Loop & RdL Young [3/14]
Blue Lagoon (RdLYoung Holo Nails)
Cute Candy (RdLYoung Holo Nails)
Glitter Sensation Nail Polish
Glitz & Glamour (Hollywood Fever LE)
Good Karma(Spirit of India LE)
High Gloss Nail Color 433G
Holi Spirit (Spirit of India LE)
Little Carnival (Pocket me LE)
Mini Lametta (Pocket me LE)
Pocket Rock (Pocket me LE)
Snow Glitter
Special Effect Glitter 301
Tandoori Masala (Spirit of India LE)

Sally Hansen [0/2]
300 Peach Fuzz
500 Fuzz-Sea

Trend It Up [0/1]
050 #Namenfuerdietrendituplacke

Yes Love [1/2]
Glow In The Dark With Coke
Neon GLitter


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